What Do You Do To Get To Get In The Mood?

What do you do to get in the mood to write?

Do you listen to music before you write? While you write? Do you have a specific playlist that plays the same order of songs each time?

I have a playlist on Spotify that I use since my iTunes library died along with my fried hard drive.   Alt  <– That there is the playlist if anyone is interested.

Earlier this week, I actually watched an entire movie to get in the mood. Stuck In Love. Sounds terribly cheesy I know, but it’s all about writing and really inspires me to write. It’s on Netflix, check it out, you may like it. Songs like “Pray” by Kodaline and “Broadripple is Burning” by Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s really do it for me.

But that will do it for my input.

What do you do?

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