Do You Remember The Day The World Was Supposed To End?

Remember that whole December 21st 2012 stuff that people talked about for years?

I certainly remember it because I was working the graveyard shift at an empty factory that morning and I found myself reflecting on the emotions of that morning.

December 21st gave way to morning just like any other day. Tired people and barking dogs following their same routines as if nothing had changed.

Any one man stepped out onto the back porch of their home and looked around. Taking a drag from a cigarette and thinking about nothing and then still nothing. The sound of distant sirens placed worry into the heart of man or in the mind as it balanced between brilliance and simple sanity.

A man knew the siren sound stood consistent with the morning before and ten more before that. The worry was replaced with complacency. Nothing would happen that day, somebody thought.

Children line up stepping onto their school buses with a sleeping head and unconscious body. Some probably hoping it would be the last of days.

The fear and hope of what the day could have been would be forgotten as parents sat at computers, stood in factory lines and dealt with the same day drama that made life worth while.

Maybe a few waited for a trumpet call resounding over the earth. Maybe a few waited for the news channel to appear telling an awful story of how nuclear warheads were launched and they had but four hours to live.

However, with the minutes and hours passing by, everyone realizing that the day was the same in the way that it wasn’t, nothing would happen, somebody thought.

But when the radio static sounds and the TV tells the news, hope and fear return if only for a moment.

Thank you for reading, Zac Zinn

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