Searching For The One You Love

This is called The One I Know

It’s about looking for someone

I’ve searched behind trees and under rocks
But I’ve only  found dead ends and loneliness

The fog around my eyes makes it hard to see
Is it my imagination that I see her sillohoutte in front of me?
How is it that she evades me when I reach out?
Why does my hand grasp for her but return with nothing?

I swear,  I swore to all that I once had her
I was able to touch her hand
My eyes saw her’s
And I witnessed her smile

Although it seems as if I was,  and am the one running through a fairy tale I created,
The one I promised myself is out there was never there before
And I am stricken with fear that she won’t ever be there

Thanks,  Zac Zinn

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