Do You Write or Read Erotica?

This has brought me some discord because I’ve never done this. My recent novel had a small scene where I had to write a bit of foreplay, but that was it.

Now I’m writing a book for adults in nature, and 30 thousand words into it, I came across the point when I knew it was time for a detailed and most likely graphic sex scene. I don’t do it to be smut or just sex for the sake of sex.

I had two characters that had been through absolute hell and after years of fighting their battles alone, they found each other. I needed to adequately write the passion they felt, the thoughts the thought, and the actions the did without making if sound like two perfect people were getting each other off.

As I began writing it, I thought of myself like this picture… except a guy, and not nearly attractive.

So I began conjuring up realistic ideas and memories of the act.

What has your experience been with erotic writing? Have you ever given it a go?

Here’s a small snippet of what I wrote..

Ellie dove at him before he could finish the chorus. She knocked the guitar on the floor and pushed him against the armrest. Pushing her lips against his and her tongue against his she waited for his embrace of it all. She didn’t feel anything in return for a moment and continued for a few seconds longer hoping for a response.

Finally, she felt a strong arm around her back and another closer to her shoulder blades. He lifted her up and laid her down on her end of the sofa. He pulled at her jacket in an unconventional way. He pulled hoping it would just come off any further thought or effort.

Ellie smiled beneath his lips and helped him out. She wiggled out of the coat but it was difficult because he was pressing his weight against her again. He kept kissing her and wouldn’t let up. She felt his hand press against side and let go, and press again. Her lips felt drier the wetter they became.

Her mind was racing above her and of things she didn’t want to think about. She thought about the next day, and then ten after that. Does this mean anything? She thought. Or is he just getting his fix? She began thinking if he had many girls over after playing event. She didn’t have a doubt that he would have no problem doing it if he wanted to. What do I do tomorrow? I work, I don’t have my car. She thought all these things as she was being pleasantly assaulted. When he moved down her body and found a place on her neck that he kissed and caressed. He sucked on her just enough to make it hurt and then he let go, and repeat. Her mind went blank and just focused on the now when he did that.

She was breathing harder and became self-conscious. Am I breathing too hard? She stopped breathing for a moment and listened. Kurt was breathing twice as loudly out of his nose and mouth. He alternated between breathing out his nose when he needed a full breath, and his mouth when wanted to breathe hot on her.

So there ya go. The first piece I’ve publicly released of my novel in progress.

Comment your thoughts or experience on erotic writing, or reading erotic literature.

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