Trust In Doubt

I wrote a poem I while back about all the doubts I was having in life.  Thought I’d share it with you lovely readers, have any of you written a mellow/sad poem? Let’s hear it!

Trust in Doubt
I’ll try not to curse
But I do it anyway

I try to bring honor to your name
But I pile the dirt on your gravestone

Each day past
I take into account

Another day gone
Another day closer

The fears of death and dying
Follow me daily

Gaining a new sense of living
I found myself still wasting time

I don’t count myself blessed
I don’t count myself cursed

I take in
I ask questions but hear nothing in return

The doubt leaves me
But could it be worse when it’s gone?

I saw that next chapter in my life
I want it so badly

But the characters that played my friends
Are replaced with strangers

I see it all coming apart at the seams
All that’s left is doubt

Thanks everyone and remember, 
All writers are a part of a family striving to find the question marks in their head and make them coherent words on a page. I’d love to hear from you.


Zac Zinn

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