The Idea Of You – A Poem

I just wrote this minutes ago in a moment of inspiration.
You know life can be pretty rough sometimes. Everyone knows it. Well, I found myself in a moment of reflection and sadness and I didn’t have a guitar, so I wrote this..

I’m trying to justify to myself that I shouldn’t feel this way
People don’t feel so attached to others after such a brief time
However I find myself surrounded by sadness and only my words to vent it all

Maybe I’m only missing the idea of you
What if the worse part of this is simply the idea
But what if it’s specifically you?

I’m not sure what’s more haunting
I just can’t shake this feeling of being owed by some higher being

I know it’s a foolish thought
My journey should produce fruit right?
Well I’ve planted the seed my entire life
I’ve planted and watered

When do I see the fruit I can touch?

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