Infernous – The Comic Is Happening!

So here is the first post of many detailing all of you about how my recent horror book Infernous is now being made into a comic series. It will likely be 3 issues, and we are currently drawing up the characters and writing the script. But who is WE?

The fine artist who will make the violent story come to life is Matthew Mahoney. This is our first venture into the world of comics and we are super excited.

What to expect:

After the first two issues are completed, we will run a Kickstarter fund on one of the sites (Indiegogo, Gofundme, Kickstarter) to help raise money for printing, shipping and creation costs. Once the goal is met, we will ship out the first issue to Infernous. The following month we will continue to work on issue 3, as well as ship out issue 2.

This time frame for all of this is still up in the air, but we will have artwork to showoff soon!BELETH 1

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