Scaring Parents With DemonsĀ 

What a weekend it was at the Red Lion Street Fair. Accompanied by two other authors, Andy Craven and Ryan Griffin, we sold more books than we ever had before; Ryan sold out of his book. 

But let’s get to parents who hate educating their children and people who hate getting asked what kind of books they like to read… 

One of the first things we’d ask people passing through the fair was what kind of books they like – that or just bellowing “LOCAL AUTHORS, WE WRITE ‘EM, YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO READ ‘EM, JUST BUY ‘EM!” 

So moving on, we would ask people, and the responses were a little on the unexpected side. In-between the normal replies, we received some interesting rage. 

One father walked up to his 12ish year old daughter who had been looking at our books and yelled, “No more books in the house!” It wasn’t lighthearted, it wasn’t joking, the guy was pissed. Yanks his daughter’s arm away, and they’re gone. I just had to look at Andy and Ryan and we all kind of simultaneously asked each other, “what just happened?” 

I could see this reaction, even if it was extreme to a video game or something. But a book?? When I have a kid, if they want a book, I’m getting them a damn book because I don’t want my kid to hate reading and never read one book after school is out. 

So we moved on… And asked more people the all important question. We were told what we could do to ourselves when we asked certain people, and we replied that we had that genre, we made people laugh and smile. 

A surprising amount of people yelled at us with animosity that they couldn’t read, as if we were mocking them. So we just went on, selling books, and I was scaring parents. 

My banner was undoubtedly working, a giant 5 foot of the demon Beleth from my Infernous trilogy. Teenagers held my book in front of their parents asking if they could get it, and the very second they gazed upon the demonic horror, they blurted, “No! Put that back!” 

It was amusing, but thankfully the banner drew in more sales than it lost. 

It was a great time, Andy took to the street and began selling the idea of a book to people in a carnie type way… 

Thanks for reading 

Please For The Love Of God, Back Up Your Files

Allow me to tell you a story that happened just a few months ago.
I went from this confident looking fellow,


To this….


You see,  I am a lazy writer. I save to my hard drive and that’s it.
I was working on my new novel and was about 30 thousand words into it when I heard THE CLICK.

Allow me to set the scene with grace…
I typed away with a furious and swift manner. I was writing the book I believed would be my best ect ect ect.
I heard THE CLICK. The screen went black,  something inside my laptop was clicking over and over.
Minutes later,  what read upon the screen was surely my demise.
“Disc read error”
My hard drive took a giant dump on my hopes and dreams.
After taking it to multiple stores,  I realized I wasn’t getting a damn thing back.
My novel in progress, everything I’ve ever written. Projects that were 5 years in the making.
16 thousand songs,  pictures. It was all gone. But the worse,  was my novel. Twas gone.

So even now,  I am still rewriting and recuperating. People always told me “Well now you can write it better!”
No. I mean,  yes,  I will write it better. But no,  any writer knows this is just heartbreak.

So every time you open up your file and write more than a single sentence! BACK UP.
Drop box,  Google Drive,  SkyDrive,  I don’t care.
Back up what is important to you because hard drives are not reliable.

Thanks for reading,  Zac  Zinn
And here’s a picture to make you chuckle